Mark Rivera, the Webpage Warehouse

Mark has been developing and designing webpages for over a decade, starting in 1996.

Working first with Mardon Ink, then the Internet Power Company, his early sites were developed for such large
customers as the APA (the Engineered Wood Association), Bob Vila, Lindal Cedar Homes, and Dennis Petroleum.

Next, working with iShow (a company specializing in providing web presence and online video-streaming to the
building industry), he built websites covering live streaming events such as a Habitat for Humanity quick-build,
the NW Flower and Garden Show and multiple trade shows.

Most recently Mark has worked for Group Health Cooperative, focusing on their internal site and CMS systems.

In addition to the design and coding of websites, Mark has been responsible for designing print ads, logos,
business cards, T-shirts, and related items. His advertisements have been featured in Baseball America as well
as multiple trade association publications and the Yellow Pages.

Working in the capacity of a Consultant, independent contractor, or direct hire, Mark is available to help companies
large or small with their web-presence needs.





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